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The 1950’s clothing was one that had certain distinct characteristics about it. There were also certain factors that were associated with the 1950’s fashion. This was one period that was considered to be really expensive due to the effects of war. This period saw the dominance of pink pumps and beehive hairstyles. Brands were launched and designers created new fashion trends. Read on to know more about the 1950’s clothing. 1950’s Clothing: Fifties Fashion
The 1950’s clothing saw the dominance of designer names such as Christian Dior. Dior’s garments gave a more feminine appeal for women in terms of fashion. The voluminous look also added to the femininity of a woman. The Princess Line launched in the year 1953 soon became popular and Dior also popularized the trend of wearing A-line skirts. Most scenes from the fifties fashion depict men in clothes which were always structured in dark colors. This was the time when materials such as cotton and wools were used. Tweed jackets were seen as well. Hollywood actors such as Gregory Peck wore gray flannel suits that became quite a rage. Flannel pants worn with comfy rolled up shirts was considered to the in thing for fifties fashion. Women switched to trendy coats instead of the traditional shawls. One also saw the large use of feathers in the 1950’s fashion. Long knee length coats, which had loose sleeves, caught on really well in the 1950s. Fabrics such as silk were widely used and furs also occupied an important place in the wardrobes of most women. Furs were considered to be a status symbol and purchasing garments with fur was definitely an expensive affair. The 1950’s clothing also saw women go all out to own a very expensive fur coat. Therefore, imitation fur also became popular amongst those who preferred to wear a fake fur coat for less. Leopard prints were also a rage for fashion in the fifties. Yet another factor of the 1950’s fashion were the popularity of petticoats. Women wearing stiff and starched petticoats were quite a common sight. Colorful skirts were worn as a casual wear garment. Apart from skirts, the 1950’s clothing also saw the acceptance of trousers and jeans for ladies fashion. Elegance was an important factor for fifties fashion. Hollywood also had a major role to play in influencing the 1950’s clothing. These patterns and designs were splashed across glamour magazines such as Vogue and Women’s Weekly. Flowers, stripes, spots and abstract shapes all became a part of the fifties fashion. Waists became narrow as is seen in most movies and garments were fitted at the waist area. Flared skirts and dainty flared dresses were seen as a distinguishing mark of this period. Hollywood actors such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly became the style icons for this period. Rock N Roll dictated a lot of terms in the 1950’s clothing scene. Teenagers became slightly rebellious and were approached a rather different way towards their dressing. The fifties fashion cannot be complete without the mention of the swimwear worn in this period. Fashion in the fifties may seem odd to readers now, but this was a period when revealing swimsuits had just made an appearance on the scene. Stretch fabrics and strapless swimwear became very popular. Straps were detachable and the overall design was very modest in the fifties fashion. Two-piece bikinis were considered to be wearable only by the Hollywood stars. Women would also make it a point to wear bathing caps so that their hair would be protected while swimming. Men were seen wearing polo shirts teamed with sports jackets, cardigan sweaters, wool suits, and shirts with patterns such as stripes, tuxedos, snazzy tropical shirts and cool blue denims. These were often paired with loafer shoes. The 1950’s fashion also saw brand names come up with challenging designs. Dior now faced a challenge when Chanel launched a new design. The Chanel suit was all about a collarless jacket teamed with a skirt that went slightly below the knees. Women loved this elegant and sophisticated look. The Chanel suit therefore created quite a rage.Deluxe fantasy costumes may include such fantasy clothing as that designed for angels, vampires or genies. Angel costumes are popular fantasy clothing options that feature full-length gowns, wire supported lace and organza wings, with a gray rose halo. In some fantasy dress, lace and organza have been frayed and tattered through a special process. Batavia costumes contain a full-length velvet and shimmer-satin robe with attached mesh cape, fingerless gloves, and jeweled tulle bat choker. Vampire costumes often feature a velvet vest with attached shirt sleeves and scarf collar. It also comes with a full length lined satin cape with white gloves and medallion on ribbon. A genie costume could contain gold trimmed glimmer vests with organza sleeves and a hat with a veil. Gothic costumes are full of lace trimmed panne and satin gowns.Fantasy clothing the kids will love Kids love dressing up in fantasy clothing. After all, fantasy clothing is all about fun, imagination, and creativity – things that are always great qualities for children. One thing that boys and girls of all ages love dressing up as is superheroes. It is not surprising that one of the most popular fantasy clothing outfits for kids is Batman. However, adults also may enjoy the thought of dressing in this type of fantasy clothing. Adult Batman fantasy clothing is also available, and comes with a headpiece with attached cape, muscle chest jumpsuit with attached boot tops and vinyl belt. Also popular with kids and adults alike, Elvis fantasy costumes include jeweled eagle high collared shirt trimmed with gold studs. These also feature satin-lined sequin scarves, detachable capes with sequin lining, belt with gold glitter eagle crest, and flared pants with red sequin insets. The whole outfit is trimmed with pretend bullion studs and is an officially licensed Elvis costume.Modern Prospects of Fantasy Clothing Each one of us is familiar with the standard clothing in developed nations; however in some parts of the world, history seems to be frozen in the bygone eras. But barring these obscure regions, now almost the entire globe is in the same league. Modern sci-fi and fantasy films are depicting the same fantasy glory and a future that is certainly going to look a lot different. These depictions in fantasy genres have caused a spike in interest in fantasy clothing.