Google Launch The Brilliant Nexus S On Major Networks

The new Nexus S handset from Google is the first handset available with the latest 2.3 version of the Android OS pre installed, or as it is more affectionately known, Android Gingerbread. Despite not being a major overhaul, it does offer a few improvements that will benefit the customer.

It would be wrong to start writing about this phone without speaking of its great looks, as this is one area where the phone is destined to win many fans. Although the specification is great, it is fairly common with many modern phones, meaning it is the design elements of this model that set it apart from its rivals. And if first impressions are anything to go by, Google are onto a winner. The phone looks similar to Samsungs best selling Galaxy S handset, hardly surprising given that they are the brand behind designing this model to. Google have taken the excellent Super AMOLED screen a step further and added a slight curve to proceedings. The result is the first “Contour” display, a screen that not only sits better against your face, but also one that looks superb. In keeping with the modern design of the screen, the edges of the chassis are nicely rounded, adding extra style points as well as making the phone sit comfortably in your hand. The weight of 129 grammes adds to this comfort factor. This light weight has much to do with the plastic back panel, which easily matches the style that is found on rival models with heavier, metallic backs such as the HTC 7 Mozart.

The Google Nexus S benefits from the new Android operating system, which offers some minor changes over 2.2, but ones that do improve the overall look of the interface. Icons look crisper than ever and the new status bar looks good and is easy to use. The five homescreens that are offered all feature static keys at the foot of the screen for the standard phone, menu and browser icons. Asides from that the screens are fully customisable, allowing you to pick and choose which icons you want to occupy the screen. Another useful addition happens when you hit the menu button, an overview of all of your homescreens appears, very much like the excellent helicopter view found on the HTC Desire. Of course the main advantage with Android is is popularity, meaning a wealth of downloads will be available to the consumer from the word go.

Googles second model in the Nexus range is an impressive affair, perfectly blending the looks of a fashion phone with the functionality and features of a high end smartphone.