The Best Fabrics For A Mens Necktie

There is one accessory that a real man cannot allow himself to be absent from his wardrobe and it is the necktie. Neckties are the ultimate men’s accent that allows them not only to look sharp and classy, but can also make their simplistic jeans and shirt ensemble transform into a styling work of art. The necktie comes from a distant past when it was just a nicely knotted piece of cloth. Nowadays, it has turned from a cloth to an obligatory fashionable addition to every suit and other formal attires. So, since it is so important, naturally, there are plenty of styles, colours and fabrics of them. Colours, patterns and shapes are best chosen according to the occasion, the specific man’s body shape and the suit it will be worn with. The fabrics, however, are a totally different theme.

There are five main fabrics that are being used for the production of a necktie. They are silk, satin, polyester, wool and cashmere. Every single one of them is special in its own way and should be looked into in detail.

The Silk Tie. These are very expensive ones and leave an impression of exclusiveness. When a man’s dressed to impress, he should put on such a tie. They add to his class, sophistication, sharpness and also self-esteem. With this said, we should also mention that they are not suitable for everyday use and work wears. There is the other downside – they are extremely hard to handle. A silk tie should not be stained, because this would almost definitely mean its end.

The Satin Tie. They’re more popular than the silk ties, not only because they are cheaper, but also because they look just as luxurious as the silk ones. However, since they are made from silk, nylon or polyester, the fabric is very smooth and shiny. This means that any defect and abnormality will be quite visible; hence, the lifespan of the tie is a lot shorter than of the other fabrics used for neckties.

The Polyester Tie. These are made from a by-product of the petroleum-gas refining process. They are shiny and sleek, almost as good as the silk neckties. The same fibres can also be used in the making of satin, but there the method of production is different. They are water and stain resistant and a lot cheaper than the previous two types. However, they tend to melt when exposed to direct heat. Also, they seem to trap any scents used on the neck (such as cologne).

The Wool Tie. This is the best choice for the winter days and also, due to the rustic look, if you want to leave the impression of a more down-to-earth character. La creme de la creme in this category is the merino wool, which gives an excellent tie-fabric.

The Cashmere Tie. This is the greatest of the fabrics used for not only neckties, but many other elements of the attires of any man who knows exactly what he wants. This fabric gives out a soft glow when exposed to light and is even softer than wool. They are usually the ‘weapon of choice’ of the most charming actors, models, authors and other types of celebs.

At the end of the day, what is important is not how much you are willing to spend, but how do you want to look. The polyester tie can be a lot cheaper than the silk, but it will look great for long time, will not be hard to handle and will give out almost the same soft glow as the other one. If you want to look like you’re the top-nominated actor of this year’s Oscar awards, be sure to spend a lot on a cashmere tie, coming from the soft, smooth belly wool of the cashmere goats (don’t worry, they should not harmed for this. They give the wool per year.). {youtube|100|campaign}